Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 4 of Hell

Blech! Moving my arm causes the back pain to become verbal. It's just not right. So I fed my mouth muscle relaxants. Got my coffee. Ran up the escalator to make way for the nice old lady waiting at the top, with a cane. (The escalator wasn't moving) I fell. Spilled the coffee. Stuck my rump roast in the air, which could have benefitted the man behind me, but he was a gentleman. Hello, everybody! And how is your day going?

It's been four days of hell. Basically, I should be laying on my back doing nothing until the pain subsides. I can tweet from my phone, and have no computer, or cable. This has caused me to lose ten followers on Twitter. What did you think I'd be doing? Especially at 3am. Mind you, last night I took the dog out for a walk until we found the first bench. She is so cute. I was having difficulty looking at her and remaining mobile at the same time. My consolation was the thought that McD's would open in two hours. At four am watched Steven and Chris, and fell asleep. Interior design has that effect on me.

By the way, what do they put in bread these days? Playdoh? I just burped, thanks to aforsaid relaxants and wonderfully flavoured bubblemint gum. Tasted the bread from the sub I could not fathom to eat last night, so had this morning, thanks to sleeping through the McDs breakfast time. It tasted like playdoh. *chomp chomp chomp* The gum is still good.

One of my favourite songs is VanCanto's version of Master of Puppets. "Chop your breakfast on a mirror." And I'm lost in a vision of chopping up a playdoh sub on a mirror. Some might call it 'reflection'. The question now is, what will I do for the next ten hours of day four of Hell? Master of Puppets *tweet tweet*

Halloween 2011

"Halloween, Halloween...and now a thousand years between." I'm a bit of a romantic, in that I like to recognize special dates. Okay. It goes beyond that. I am highly emotive. I celebrate birthdays of people with whom I no longer communicate. November is already taken, but if you have a birthday in December, I'd love to hear from you.

Tonight, I am at my dad's, in the Toronto area. I've just met his girlfriend which was surreal. The parenting article for the newsletter (which we published just before I got here)  was about not pushing the children of your beau to trust you immediately. For Halloween, I got to be 'the child.' I didn't get dressed up, or eat lots of candy. I was just my father's an adult.

I want to tell you something as that adult. Have you ever gone through a time where the difficulties were so bad, you kind of 'lost' yourself, and needed others to bring you back?  Some one who doesn't really know me, did that for me last night by mentioning, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, tv show.

Last December I moved to a retirement community to cut down on expenses.The seniors are wonderful, but there is a culture adjustment with the others. I sometimes wonder how long I can stand to live there. The aforementioned show was about some satanists, and demonized seniors, and the restoration of a community via laxatives. In its halloweenish way, it put things into perspective. I can share more details later. Now, I want to take this moment at 11:45pm on Oct 31,2011 to say, Happy Halloween.

Thanks be to God who is not limited to 'religious' expression, but shows His Love in many ways.

Yours truly,