Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Thursday before the Marathon Weekend

'Are you ready?' That's what my Virgin Mobile ringtone asked me. No. I'm not ready. Writing this blog is what comes first. Not the laundry. Or packing my bag. Or cleaning my place. It's the music. And the creativity that takes precedence.

Playlist can no longer be accessed. Fortunately, sent my running music to friend to be put on MP3 player, but he's lazy. He didn't do it. No reason. He just didn't feel like it. I don't have a computer or MP3 player, so thanks a lot buddy. You can digress from any romantic imaginations you may have concerning me. Why am I mentioning this to you, my reader?

I want you to understand, marathoning is so much more than running, or walking. It's almost a religion.

The rituals: - Eating lentils w/ beans, animal proteins, potatoes, and other veggies The potatoes are supposed to help curb flatulence, but I think that's an old husband's tale.
- Drinking Green Tea w/ powdered greens and anti-oxidant juices. But let's get back to the theme of the blog...

For me, preparing for a marathon is all about finding my happy place. I try to dwell there as much as I can, b/c there will come a point on the road where there will be nowhere within me to retreat. I like to refer to it as, 'The Depths of Hell' or 'The Pit of Despair'...The Dark Cave in the Very Bottom of the Dregs of my Soul. This is where I would normally insert a song. What is the theme song for the Very Bottom of the Dregs of my Soul? Probably Van Canto's version of Master of Puppets. I love the line, 'Master, Master, Where's the dreams that I've been after? In contrast, my Happy Place Theme Song (which incidentally does not have such a dramatic title) is One Love by David Guetta feat Estelle (when Estelle enters the song it is almost hallucination producing) the Chuckie and Fatman remix.