Friday, 9 December 2011

Toronto Maple Leafs- The Game of the PowerPlays

The Toronto Maple Leafs just lost. Every goal scored against them occurred on a power play. This is the game that happened while I am in Toronto. If I was superstitious, I would consider it a bad omen. Instead, I am smiling with the very realization that I am physically in Toronto.

I have spent the past year living in Northern Ontario. It is really beautiful, but for me, maddening. I love details and stimuli. Where I live, there is water, trees, and rocks. That's it. Everywhere you go. All the houses look the same. The city was developed in 1958, as a mining community. It happened really fast, so not a lot of thought was put into the dwellings. The people who live there, are the people who moved there because some one in the family was a miner.

When it was discovered that uranium causes terminal lung problems, the mines were shut down. Every one there grew up together, and went through these hardships together.  Some people have a lot of money, and collect vehicles. One of the guys I see at the pub always carries a thousand dollars in cash. It fascinates me, and I have yet to tell him of my desire to organize his bills. I've had a job counting cash and depositing it, but to have so much in one's own wallet is mind-boggling.

Anyway, last time I lived in Toronto, I followed my heart and moved downtown. The commute to my Mississauga office job became too much, so I quit, thinking I would get permanent employment. I was so close to the Financial District. How could there not be work?

I had incredible experiences working in events, my default job. It was the perfect place for me. I love meeting new people, and being a part of what is happening. I also ran a dog walking/housecleaning business. And lived off credit. Until I lost my place. I knew which bridge I wanted to live under, but it never came to that. The last few months at my downtown apartment were amazing. I often walked my dog along the trail of Rosedale Valley Blvd.

I can relate to the way the Leafs lost. It may not be the way they see it. The way I see it, is they were scored against when they were one-man down. They came back, and they fought, but in the end, it wasn't enough. It sounds sad. It would be nice if they won. But there is something far more important. They bear the name: Toronto. Yeah, I need a job/money. I am "one man down". But I am in Toronto.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Ramble On

This Heintz commercial aired about ten years ago:

{A group of young guys watch a pretty lady in a restaurant}
"She's looking for the Heintz. Can't find it anywhere...looks over...sees it...she's coming over."
[shyly] "Excuse me...ummm, I can't seem to find any Heintz."
[confidently] "You're kidding. Here you can have some of mine."
[shared smiles as we notice the stack of Heintz bottles beside the guys]

 It would have been very different, if it was me.  They took all the ketchup to get my attention, and watched me the whole time.
Frolick off, would ya! I'm just trying to enjoy some fries, which is not something I often do.
If you really knew me, you would know that I am pursuing self-comfort.
I am not interested in communicating with any one!
If I had a cloak of invisibility, I would use it.

You don't know me.
That's what's so irksome.
All you know is that I go to this particular restaurant, which is a little creepy.
Were you stalking me?

The worst thing about stalkers is that they don't really care.
If they really cared, they would know that I don't eat ketchup with my fries. I use mayonnaise.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Life Would Suck Without You

Dear Dad,

This song reminds me of Newmarket. I know you think of the ways you could have made things different. I think of it, too. When I share this, it is not to placate, I'm just telling the truth. My life would suck without you. It is so good not only knowing who you are, but knowing that I am related to you. I am your daughter.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

The Friendship that Turned to Marriage Overnight

Marriage is full of all kinds of adjustments. People grow. Circumstances change.
If you feel you are just going through the motions, this could be what’s happening:
5. No personal aspirations. This may be coupled with addictions.
4. Suspecting there are strings attached whenever your spouse is kind.
3. Undermining good deeds/words from your spouse.
2. Becoming defensive whenever he/she wants to talk about the relationship, and
1. Not listening.
A common theory is to give what you want to receive, but wouldn’t that make it all about you? Why not, receive what your spouse is giving, and just say, ‘thank you,’ in your own way.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Details 2 follow...

Companion Wanted Ad

Hi. I'm miserable, and looking for some company. I enjoy observing my surroundings and making them into a science fiction scene. It's been kind of lonely. Taking pictures and writing is fine, but when I pretend aliens are chasing me, I become alienated.

My goal in life is to publish something, so I am in the middle of becoming more educated.  I would like to spend some time together, going out for drinks and admiring interior design. I also like walking, as long as it is somewhere like Toronto, where there is a variety of scenery. See you soon! 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Day 4 of Hell

Blech! Moving my arm causes the back pain to become verbal. It's just not right. So I fed my mouth muscle relaxants. Got my coffee. Ran up the escalator to make way for the nice old lady waiting at the top, with a cane. (The escalator wasn't moving) I fell. Spilled the coffee. Stuck my rump roast in the air, which could have benefitted the man behind me, but he was a gentleman. Hello, everybody! And how is your day going?

It's been four days of hell. Basically, I should be laying on my back doing nothing until the pain subsides. I can tweet from my phone, and have no computer, or cable. This has caused me to lose ten followers on Twitter. What did you think I'd be doing? Especially at 3am. Mind you, last night I took the dog out for a walk until we found the first bench. She is so cute. I was having difficulty looking at her and remaining mobile at the same time. My consolation was the thought that McD's would open in two hours. At four am watched Steven and Chris, and fell asleep. Interior design has that effect on me.

By the way, what do they put in bread these days? Playdoh? I just burped, thanks to aforsaid relaxants and wonderfully flavoured bubblemint gum. Tasted the bread from the sub I could not fathom to eat last night, so had this morning, thanks to sleeping through the McDs breakfast time. It tasted like playdoh. *chomp chomp chomp* The gum is still good.

One of my favourite songs is VanCanto's version of Master of Puppets. "Chop your breakfast on a mirror." And I'm lost in a vision of chopping up a playdoh sub on a mirror. Some might call it 'reflection'. The question now is, what will I do for the next ten hours of day four of Hell? Master of Puppets *tweet tweet*

Halloween 2011

"Halloween, Halloween...and now a thousand years between." I'm a bit of a romantic, in that I like to recognize special dates. Okay. It goes beyond that. I am highly emotive. I celebrate birthdays of people with whom I no longer communicate. November is already taken, but if you have a birthday in December, I'd love to hear from you.

Tonight, I am at my dad's, in the Toronto area. I've just met his girlfriend which was surreal. The parenting article for the newsletter (which we published just before I got here)  was about not pushing the children of your beau to trust you immediately. For Halloween, I got to be 'the child.' I didn't get dressed up, or eat lots of candy. I was just my father's an adult.

I want to tell you something as that adult. Have you ever gone through a time where the difficulties were so bad, you kind of 'lost' yourself, and needed others to bring you back?  Some one who doesn't really know me, did that for me last night by mentioning, Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, tv show.

Last December I moved to a retirement community to cut down on expenses.The seniors are wonderful, but there is a culture adjustment with the others. I sometimes wonder how long I can stand to live there. The aforementioned show was about some satanists, and demonized seniors, and the restoration of a community via laxatives. In its halloweenish way, it put things into perspective. I can share more details later. Now, I want to take this moment at 11:45pm on Oct 31,2011 to say, Happy Halloween.

Thanks be to God who is not limited to 'religious' expression, but shows His Love in many ways.

Yours truly,


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Just typing because I want to

It's the end of May. I've completed two marathons this month, and took a day trip to SSM on the bus, where I got royally ripped at the Elks. About to head home and come face-to-face with my responsibilities. Not that I mind. It's just the time comittment. Fortunately, it sucks outside, and I should not mind being trapped indoors. Trapped. As in surrounded by four walls.

That's why I can never understand camping. You are outdoors, but there are no luxuries to which to retreat. I would far prefer a hike, though the last time that happened, I ended up in a bog. It took 4 hours before I got home. The worst was having a slush puppie at the store, and a lady plopping down beside me with her kids to have a smoke. But I digress.

I'm actually in a good mood and having an alright day. I got up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast at the mall, and spent time on the computer. My goal is to establish a routine. It looks like I'll spend the first couple hours of the day at the Employment Centre. I keep meaning to go to Adult ED, but they'll be closing soon for the summer. The EC may not mind me doing online surveys, so that will be my job for now.

Two minutes left, and then I'm out of here. Hopefully, they can make my special coffee. I need to be loved in a tangible way. Cheers.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Thursday before the Marathon Weekend

'Are you ready?' That's what my Virgin Mobile ringtone asked me. No. I'm not ready. Writing this blog is what comes first. Not the laundry. Or packing my bag. Or cleaning my place. It's the music. And the creativity that takes precedence.

Playlist can no longer be accessed. Fortunately, sent my running music to friend to be put on MP3 player, but he's lazy. He didn't do it. No reason. He just didn't feel like it. I don't have a computer or MP3 player, so thanks a lot buddy. You can digress from any romantic imaginations you may have concerning me. Why am I mentioning this to you, my reader?

I want you to understand, marathoning is so much more than running, or walking. It's almost a religion.

The rituals: - Eating lentils w/ beans, animal proteins, potatoes, and other veggies The potatoes are supposed to help curb flatulence, but I think that's an old husband's tale.
- Drinking Green Tea w/ powdered greens and anti-oxidant juices. But let's get back to the theme of the blog...

For me, preparing for a marathon is all about finding my happy place. I try to dwell there as much as I can, b/c there will come a point on the road where there will be nowhere within me to retreat. I like to refer to it as, 'The Depths of Hell' or 'The Pit of Despair'...The Dark Cave in the Very Bottom of the Dregs of my Soul. This is where I would normally insert a song. What is the theme song for the Very Bottom of the Dregs of my Soul? Probably Van Canto's version of Master of Puppets. I love the line, 'Master, Master, Where's the dreams that I've been after? In contrast, my Happy Place Theme Song (which incidentally does not have such a dramatic title) is One Love by David Guetta feat Estelle (when Estelle enters the song it is almost hallucination producing) the Chuckie and Fatman remix.