Thursday, 26 May 2011

Just typing because I want to

It's the end of May. I've completed two marathons this month, and took a day trip to SSM on the bus, where I got royally ripped at the Elks. About to head home and come face-to-face with my responsibilities. Not that I mind. It's just the time comittment. Fortunately, it sucks outside, and I should not mind being trapped indoors. Trapped. As in surrounded by four walls.

That's why I can never understand camping. You are outdoors, but there are no luxuries to which to retreat. I would far prefer a hike, though the last time that happened, I ended up in a bog. It took 4 hours before I got home. The worst was having a slush puppie at the store, and a lady plopping down beside me with her kids to have a smoke. But I digress.

I'm actually in a good mood and having an alright day. I got up at a reasonable hour, had breakfast at the mall, and spent time on the computer. My goal is to establish a routine. It looks like I'll spend the first couple hours of the day at the Employment Centre. I keep meaning to go to Adult ED, but they'll be closing soon for the summer. The EC may not mind me doing online surveys, so that will be my job for now.

Two minutes left, and then I'm out of here. Hopefully, they can make my special coffee. I need to be loved in a tangible way. Cheers.