Monday, 12 March 2012

Do You Miss Toronto?

"I don't need you like the stars don't need the sky. I won't love you longer than the day I die. You don't thrill me when you hold me; No, not much. My head gets hazy from your cool and crazy touch. Baby, if you ever go, Could I take it? Maybe so. Oh, but would I like it; No, not much." - Song No Not Much

My friend and I were going for a walk when we found a quaint place. The server was talkative and friendly. When she asked, "Do you miss Toronto?" it stuck with me.

All of us do whatever we have to do. There are bills to pay, and other responsibilities. The most important responsibility to which I've responded is my heart.  I know that can be dangerous, so here's to hoping the people surrounding me are somewhat wise.
It was not a heart motive that led me to move to Elliot Lake. Stuff happened, and it was an opportunity to gather myself together. That was over a year ago. I came back and visited Toronto in that time, and the same 'stuff ' was happening. I  made the decision to stay in Elliot Lake.

Yes, I miss Toronto. I was born here. I ran my first marathon here. I found my dog and my cat here. And it's more than that. Toronto entices me to be socially involved. That's a big deal for some one who could spend forty-eight hours in a room, reading a paperback.

Yes, I miss Toronto. Then, I think of the Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Sometimes there is no major plan. You just grab a last beer at the pub, and then hang on for dear life, as you journey to your next destination.  And the people seem really strange, because they're nothing like those from 'home', but you deal with it, knowing that 42 can be reduced to 21.

And so, I rejoice in my youth. And I let the days of my youth cheer me. There is much sadness, when I consider my loss. And I'm not yet at the place where my settlement is a gain, but I am young. Finally. I am young. While all that once surrounded me grows old.