Friday, 31 October 2014

Smile - The Guide to My Toothpaste

On this I can depend. I have a toothpaste for whatever faces me.

My Toothpaste Guide

  • Foaming. There is something absolutely glorious about brushing your teeth in the shower. To fully enjoy it, the toothpaste has to foam, and run out of your mouth. As you raise your head to the faucet, allow the water to swirl in your mouth. It's like a giant waterpick. 
  • Cinammon or Tea Tree Oil. You've just had a coffee. You know you're going to eat soon, but there's a gooey film over your tongue, and you are not inclined to it. You drink water; and yet, it still exists. You don't want to use flouride. These toothpastes are perfect. They clean out the taste of coffee without leaving a residue. You can brush your teeth and not concern yourself with whether you eat right away or not.
  • The Super Duper "I'm more than you ever imagined possible". This toothpaste will continue to work for you, fighting off bacteria and keeping colds at bay. Use it before you go to bed. If you still feel vulnerable, you can follow up with mouthwash, and put a drop of tea tree oil in each ear. 
I can't control what happens from day to day. What I can do, is face it with a smile. 

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