Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Secrets From The Desert

"It's the most wonderful time of the year." It's also when the heat is turned on, and every microbe of dust finds its place near me. Spoiler Alert: I have a cold. This writing is about the fantastic things I did to stay healthy. 

  • The Love of My Life aka Dettol - We play a game together. My childhood favourite game was Hide and Seek. In this game, the dust is to be found. I am the seeker, and Dettol is the one who screams, "Dust, I found you in the trim over the doorway!" The best part: obliteration. You can't do that to most things. That's why I love Dettol. Its tagline: "Effective protection from Germs that cause Infections" 
  • Water - My Uncle usually brings me bottles of Eska. I assure you, I am aware of the evils of plastic. This is a luxury I allow because having a bottle of water means I will drink more water. Also, there is a tangible recollection of what I have consumed. To compensate environmentally, I research how and where items can be reused in communities (instead of, being recycled or thrown away) 
  • Homemade Caesar Salad- What I am going to address (get it? address? dressing?) is the chemistry of garlic. The dressing was put in a glass jar, and left in the fridge for an hour, merely for convenience. What happened was a marvel. The garlic saturated everything. Add crispy, hydrating romaine lettuce and it's like jumping in a lake, on a hot humid day. 
As previously stated, I got a cold anyway. So why for cotton picking sakes am I telling you this? It makes me feel good. A cold is a virus we receive from others. Let's not forget care. If we stayed away from every one, we possibly could protect ourselves from sickness. Where is the love in that? 

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